What's the backbone of Liberty Center's "Hometown Atmosphere"?

Simple... our schools and churches...

Within a 16 mile area there are 5 grade and vocational schools. Upon graduation 45% of our students attend higher education. In addition to our local grade schools, there are 4 technical schools and colleges within a 35 mile radius. Local schools are supported by a 1.75% school income tax.

(Click here to view schools in the area)

We also have 2 libraries. The first is Liberty Center's public library. This library offers a full visual/audio area, magazine reference area and a large circulation of fiction and non-fiction titles. Library loans are also available in conjunction with nationally know libraries. Liberty Center's second library is the high school's private library used for undergraduates.

Learn all about the Liberty Center Village Library

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Liberty Center boasts 5 churches in the surrounding area.

Liberty Center-Colton United Methodist Church
307 East Street
Liberty Center, Ohio 43532
Phone : (419) 533-4831
Parsonage: (419) 533-3149


The Wesleyan Church
306 West Maple Street
Liberty Center, Ohio 43532
Phone : (419) 533-3021
United Brethren Liberty Center
Victory Chapel
Liberty Center, Ohio 43532
Phone : (419) 533-2277
St. Paul's Luthern Church
Liberty Center at W. Maple St.
Rd. T and Co. Rd 8

Phone : (419) 533-3041
United Methodist
Liberty Chapel
9-474 Co. Rd. V
Liberty Center, Ohio 43532
Phone : (419) 533-2881
The Rock
Youth Center

Phone : (419) 533-2881









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